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Distillery Works is synonymous with Italian wine. As a specialist importer and wholesaler, our focus is with small independent producers, or vignaioli, who champion sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic practices in the tradition of their forebears. Our Italian roots have assisted us in curating a collection of wines that display undisputed origin, made by a vinously articulate group of vignaioli who care for their land first and foremost, and then craft their wines in a natural and traditional way – unadorned, reflective of place and deeply authentic. They are by nature wines made with minimal intervention and minimal sulphur, and are grouped in our portfolio by the following symbols for sustainable practices, organic principles and certifications, and biodynamic philosophy.

With over 1000 different grape varieties cultivated across 20 regions, Italy is a unique wine proposition. Our love for Italy means our search for exciting new producers is continuous. From the mountainous north to the sun-drenched south, we rejoice in the variety that only Italy can offer. Every year we spend much time there – we travel, we talk, we eat, we drink and we work with producers – and we aspire to drink, and represent, the best. Our role is to act as ambassadors in Australia for these independent artisans, and we hope that you will share our enthusiasm and fascination.

While our focal point is wine, we are also honing our selection of artisanal beer and small-batch spirits. Our products can be found in good Italian and European-inspired restaurants, wine bars and independent wine stores around Australia. They are also available online from our chosen retail partner, Rossi & Riccardo, the Artisan Italian Wine Store.

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